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Is Cyprus a good place to go on holiday?

Cyprus, the captivating island nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, is undeniably a fantastic destination for a holiday. With its warm climate, stunning beaches, rich history, vibrant culture, and a wide array of attractions and activities, Cyprus has something to offer for every type of traveller. Whether you seek relaxation by the sea, exploration of ancient ruins, or indulgence in local cuisine and nightlife, Cyprus promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting to return again and again.


One of the key reasons why Cyprus is a popular holiday destination is its delightful climate. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterised by warm summers and mild winters. During the summer months, from June to September, temperatures often reach 30°C (86°F) and above, creating the perfect conditions for beach lovers and sun-seekers. The island basks in sunshine, with long hours of daylight, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.


Cyprus is renowned for its warm weather, making it an excellent choice for a holiday getaway. The sun-drenched beaches and warm waters of the Mediterranean create a welcoming environment for travellers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


The island’s abundant sunshine is one of its most appealing features. With clear blue skies and sunny days throughout the year, visitors can make the most of their holiday and enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing.


Cyprus boasts a myriad of attractions that cater to a wide range of interests. From breathtaking beaches to ancient historical sites and pristine nature reserves, there is no shortage of places to explore and discover.


Cyprus is blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches, each offering its unique charm. From the popular and lively beaches of Ayia Napa and Limassol to the serene coves of Protaras and Paphos, beachgoers can find their perfect spot to unwind and soak up the sun.

Historical sites

For history enthusiasts, Cyprus is a treasure trove of ancient ruins and historical landmarks. The island’s rich history dates back thousands of years and is evident in its well-preserved archaeological sites, such as the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos and the ancient city of Salamis in Famagusta.

Nature reserves

Nature lovers will find solace in Cyprus’s diverse landscapes and nature reserves. The Akamas Peninsula, a protected area in the west of the island, offers pristine natural beauty, rugged coastlines, and stunning hiking trails.


Cyprus offers a plethora of activities for travellers seeking adventure and excitement. From thrilling water sports to hiking in the Troodos Mountains and experiencing the vibrant nightlife, there is no shortage of things to do.

Water sports

With its crystal-clear waters and favourable winds, Cyprus is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and windsurfing, among others.


The Troodos Mountains provides an excellent backdrop for hiking and exploring Cyprus’s natural beauty. There are numerous trails for all levels of hikers, offering breathtaking views and the chance to connect with nature.


For those seeking a lively nightlife scene, Cyprus’s cities and coastal towns offer a vibrant array of bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. Ayia Napa, in particular, is famous for its buzzing nightlife, drawing partygoers from all over the world.


Cyprus provides a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. From luxury hotels and resorts to charming villas and apartments, visitors can find their perfect home away from home.


The island’s cities and resort towns boast a wide selection of hotels, ranging from luxurious five-star establishments to more affordable options. Visitors can choose from beachfront resorts to city centre hotels, offering convenient access to the island’s attractions.


For those seeking more privacy and space, renting a villa in Cyprus is an excellent option. Villas with private pools and stunning views are available in various locations, providing an exclusive and comfortable holiday experience.


Apartments are a popular choice for travellers looking for more affordable accommodation. They offer the flexibility of self-catering and are often located close to amenities and attractions.


Food and drink

Cyprus’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean Flavours, showcasing fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From traditional Cypriot dishes to international cuisine, the island’s culinary offerings are sure to please every palate.

Local cuisine

Cypriot cuisine is a reflection of the island’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. Visitors can indulge in dishes such as souvlaki, moussaka, halloumi cheese, and fresh seafood, accompanied by local wines and spirits.


Cyprus’s cities and coastal towns are home to a wide array of restaurants, ranging from fine dining establishments to charming tavernas. Visitors can enjoy a diverse dining experience, from elegant gourmet meals to casual al fresco dining by the sea.

Bars and cafes

Cypriots love to socialise, and the island’s cafes and bars provide the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy a drink or coffee. From traditional coffee houses serving Cyprus’s famous coffee to stylish cocktail bars, there’s something for everyone.


Cyprus is considered a safe destination for travellers. With a low crime rate and a stable political situation, visitors can enjoy their holiday with peace of mind.

Low crime rate

Cyprus has a reputation for being a safe destination. While it’s always wise to take precautions, the island generally enjoys low levels of crime.

Stable political situation

The political situation in Cyprus has improved in recent years, and the island has enjoyed stability, allowing travellers to explore and enjoy their holiday without concerns.


Cyprus offers good value for money, making it an affordable destination for travellers seeking a memorable holiday without breaking the bank.


Compared to other European destinations, Cyprus offers competitive prices for accommodation, dining, and activities, making it a budget-friendly choice for a holiday.

Value for money

The quality of experiences and amenities offered in Cyprus is excellent, providing travellers with good value for their money and a rewarding holiday experience.

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