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Protaras Nightlife: Experience The Best Nightlife In Protaras!

Protaras offers a vibrant and exciting nightlife scene. With numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues, there is something for everyone. Enjoy dancing to the latest hits or relax with a cocktail while enjoying live entertainment. The lively atmosphere ensures a memorable night out in Protaras.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best clubs, bars, and nightclubs in Protaras, ensuring you have an unforgettable and exciting nightlife experience during your holidays in Cyprus.

The 33 Best Clubs and Nightclubs in Protaras

1. Red Square

Red Square is a popular and lively nightclub known for its vibrant atmosphere and great music. Dance the night away to the latest beats and enjoy a memorable experience in the heart of Protaras.

2. Capo Bay Hotel

Capo Bay Hotel boasts a stylish beachfront bar that offers delicious cocktails and live entertainment, making it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the evening by the sea.

3. Tipsy Turtle

Tipsy Turtle is a lively pub with a fantastic selection of drinks and a friendly atmosphere. Join the crowd for a fun night of socializing and laughter.

4. Sage Restaurant

Sage Restaurant offers a unique blend of fine dining and nightlife experience. Indulge in exquisite cuisine and then move to the bar area for a relaxing drink.

5. Sunrise Garden Aparthotel

Sunrise Garden Aparthotel hosts regular themed nights and live music events at its bar, providing a cosy and welcoming environment for guests.

6. Glasshouse Lounge Restaurant

Glasshouse Lounge Restaurant offers an elegant setting with stunning views of the sea, making it an ideal choice for a sophisticated night out.

7. Agrotikon

Agrotikon is a traditional Cypriot tavern with live music and dancing, offering a taste of authentic local nightlife and entertainment.

8. Pepper Bar Lounge

Pepper Bar Lounge offers a trendy and modern setting with a diverse selection of drinks and cocktails for a chic night out.

9. The Square Bar

The Square Bar is a classic British-style pub with a friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy a pint and watch live sports events.

10. Fools And Horses Pub

Fools And Horses Pub is a cosy spot to relax with a drink and enjoy live music performances.

11. NAVA Seaside Lounge and Restaurant

NAVA Seaside Lounge and Restaurant offers a relaxed beachfront setting, perfect for enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset.

12. Bell’s Cocktail Bar

Bell’s Cocktail Bar is a trendy spot known for its creative and delicious cocktails, perfect for a sophisticated night out.

13. Bliss Bar

Bliss Bar offers a chilled-out ambience and a variety of drinks to unwind after a day at the beach.

14. Marcello’s Beach Bar, Cafe

Marcello’s Beach Bar, Cafe provides a beachfront setting for enjoying refreshing drinks with your toes in the sand.

15. Tommy’s Pub

Tommy’s Pub is a popular spot for live music and dancing, ensuring a fun-filled night with friends.

16. Teej ay’s Pub

Teejay’s Pub is a family-friendly pub with a welcoming atmosphere, offering a laid-back night out.

17. Hans & Gretel Protaras

Hans & Gretel Protaras is a cosy bar with a range of drinks, perfect for a relaxed evening with loved ones.

18. Siko Seaside

Siko Seaside offers a beachfront location, providing a relaxing spot to enjoy a drink by the sea.

19. Grecian Park Hotel

Grecian Park Hotel hosts special events and themed nights at its bars, offering a luxurious and upscale experience.

20. Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel

Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel offers beachfront bars with stunning views, ideal for romantic evenings.

21. Leonardo Crystal Cove Hotel & Spa by the Sea (Adults Only 16+)

Leonardo Crystal Cove Hotel & Spa caters to adults, providing a serene setting for a sophisticated night out.

22. The Blue Ivy Hotel and Suites

The Blue Ivy Hotel and Suites offer chic bars with a trendy atmosphere, perfect for socializing and meeting new people.

23. Sunrise Jade Hotel – Adults Only

Sunrise Jade Hotel is an adults-only destination with bars and lounges for a peaceful and relaxing night.

24. Sunprime Protaras Beach

Sunprime Protaras Beach offers a modern setting with stylish bars and lounges for an upscale nightlife experience.

25. Louis St. Elias Resort & Waterpark

Louis St. Elias Resort & Waterpark hosts various entertainment events and themed nights at its bars.

26. Protaras Plaza Hotel

Protaras Plaza Hotel offers bars with a friendly ambience, perfect for a nightcap after a day of exploration.

27. Vrissaki Beach Hotel

Vrissaki Beach Hotel offers a beachfront bar for enjoying the soothing sound of waves while sipping your favourite drink.

28. Cavo Maris Beach Hotel

Cavo Maris Beach Hotel offers bars with live music and entertainment, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

29. Evalena Beach Hotel

Evalena Beach Hotel provides a relaxing setting for enjoying cocktails and beverages.

30. Alva Hotel Apartments

Alva Hotel Apartments offers cosy bars where you can enjoy a relaxing evening during your stay.


31. Maouris Hotel Apartments

Maouris Hotel Apartments has friendly bars for socializing and enjoying drinks with fellow guests.

32. Flouressia Gardens

Flouressia Gardens provides tranquil and peaceful bars for a laid-back evening under the stars.

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Yes, Protaras has a vibrant nightlife with a variety of bars, nightclubs, and pubs that cater to different preferences. Whether you’re looking for a lively party scene or a cosy spot to enjoy a drink, Protaras has something for everyone.

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